Discussion Questions

1. Do you feel comfortable advising students and teachers about intellectual property, copyright and fair use? What do you think is the best method to educate others about this topic in your own school and/or in a broader context? How can we as educators help our students show creative integrity?

2. I have several scenarios for you to read and comment on whether or not you feel copyright or intellectual property was respected and Fair Use Guidelines were considered. (OR... Do you have any real-life scenarios that you were unsure about that you would like to get advice/input on?)

Scenario 1: Students on the Yearbook Committee create a DVD version of their yearbook and sell it to make money for the class gift. As part of their opening montage, they use AP photos and excerpts from popular music to capture the climate of the times.

Scenario 2: A high school social studies teacher downloads a You Tube video that illustrates a key point about the U.S. Constitution's relevance to a current news event and makes DVD copies to share with students who don't have Internet access.

Scenario 3: An educator uses a still image from the TV show Aliens in America in a slide presentation for a conference. His purpose is to illustrate a point about Pakistani immigration policy in the United States. He posts the slides online.

3. Watch the TED Talk video of Lawrence Lessig on the Digital Citizenship Page.
Then view the following video of Lawrence Lessing on the Colbert Show: http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/#clip129662

If you have time (or just want a good laugh), view the remixes of this interview that have popped up on YouTube:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_w1FR67AXs or

Question: Do you personally feel that using new technologies to creatively remix and re-mash are valid forms of art and free speech? Do you support Doug Johnson's statement that "current intellectual property law, especially copyright, works against the greater good of society"?

4. Just for Fun :) Share with the class a remix or remash that you find entertaining, artistic or a good example of social commentary.